2016 New Rolex Daytona Series White Dial Ceramic Case Replica Watches For Men

2016 Rolex Daytona ceramic case replica watches are fatigue fan long-expected watch money, is really a dream, as early as 2011, a rolex 116515 ln in rose gold, and platinum in 2013 the 50th anniversary of the 116506 on the application of ceramic bezel set limit to, at that time many people in the fantasy rolex when introducing ceramic ring steel Daytona, but if rolex is always ripe to see, according to their own plans, regardless of market consumers the glad eye.Finally, in 2016 the Basel show, rolex launched the ceramic ring steel Daytona, 116500 ln the ceramic ring Daytona watch is also one of the highlight of the entire watch show watch.

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Rolex Dyatona was born in 1963, the rolex when assembling except the Daytona watch, comes at a time when the United States Daytona motor racing, rolex is the wrist watch looks as specified chronometric instruments of competition, competition ultimately selected, it is also a Daytona series named source.Rolex Daytona after 53 years old, still have the classic design, accord with rolex, iterative evolution rather than revolution, it is also a rolex value, many of the main causes of the classic Rolex cheap fake watches.

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Whether does not understand the Daytona, I still want to once some parameters of the new ceramic ring Daytona remains integrally cast the integration of 904 l stainless steel casing, 40 mm diameter design, still use screw-plug timing button, familiar crown or triple lock, still 100 meters of waterproof, still use the same surface.

Internal carrying the remains of new replica Rolex white dial Daytona series watches produced 4130 type automatic chain machine, Daytona and the old one, this movement is completely made by rolex developed, the structure of the machine core overhaul, the exquisite craft of condensed rolex, greatly reduced the number of timer component, now because of rolex launched a more strict than COSC their top observatory certification, new Daytona accuracy reached plus or minus two seconds per day, also have 5 years warranty period.