The Antique Rolex Replica Watches With Unique Design

Rolex has established itself in the advanced benchmarking status in watchmaking industry with its iconic design and constantly improvement. Recently the antique Rolex are very popular and the price of the auctioned Rolex is always very high. Here I will recommend two distinctive fake Rolex watches which were auctioned with high price.

Rolex GMT-Master

The color-matching of this GMT-Master is very distinctive.
Gold Case Replica Rolex GMT-Master

A charming Rolex GMT-Master copy with brown dial was the most eye-catching one on the Philips auction which is quite different with the standard model. This Ref.6542 was the earliest model of GMT-Master which was created in the middle of 1950s, especially manufactured for the pilots of Pan Am.

Rolex Day-Date

Some watch fans of Rolex will find this Day-Date is so strange with the rare dial.
Black Dial Replica Rolex Day-Date

People who are interested in Rolex will know that the sport watches are always designed with the Mercedes hands while the formal watches are with baton-shaped hands. This white gold bracelet imitation Rolex Day-Date is rare and unique for it has been designed with sporty dial which is adorned with Mercedes hands and baton-shaped hour markers. This unique timepiece was especially designed for private customer and later it authorized Klarlund to create one for the royal customers. So there are only two in the world.