How To Tell New Replica Rolex Daytona Leather Strap Watches For Men

Today I want to share a few stories, some is happened in the past in clock and watch industry was known, something that was my encounter.Through these stories and limited experience I tell everybody, why antique rolex collection is still full of risk.At the same time, modern new Rolex replica watches and what to pay attention to.

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The first story is about a rolex 6240.6240 is a type of rolex antique di tong take.6240 is a rolex Daytona Paul Newman’s transition to a “modern” rolex Daytona 6239 a type, the difference is that of 6240 and 6239 of 6240 timer button start with locking function.This is the main technical difference between two types of rolex Daytona.In addition, two watches and some details, and details on different gives rise to some problems.Standard would be marked ROLEX dial 6240 ROLEX OYSTER/COSMOGRAPH three lines from top to bottom.And ROLEX dial 6239 will be a few different types, one is only a line of words ROLEX dial.Antique collection is content with rare for expensive, the fewer things, the more valuable, suddenly one day, there was a very unique 6240 only.

This unique dial 6240 on only one line Rolex cheap fake Daytona (standard edition is three lines), which was originally should not appear on this type of watches.So, this is only a line, with timing button to lock the Daytona 6240.Collectors instantly erupted.There is no doubt that this watch instantaneous value rising.This may be the only “words” version 6240.

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But at this moment, to show the question.Because in theory, the disk is there should be no words should appear only in 6239.Even more awkward, rolex never official to identify true and false of watches.So people began to guess.It is thought that the watch is likely to be in the production of the 6239 area in the 6240 case, because this kind of situation.There is also a view that this watch is people who want to benefit from the auction or department to modified.This watch is illusory.In fact, the “words” of 6239 also not true and false, until it was found that a rolex appeared on the advertising of a “words” of 6239, so really prove the true identity of the watch.And the only “words” 6240 there is no solid proof of identity.Everything is just a guess, all is depend on guessing.