Introducing Different US Rolex GMT-Master Replica Watches

Now the GMT-Master watches with two-colored bezels become one of the most popular sporty watches nowadays. The blue-red ceramic bezel GMT and brown-black ceramic bezel GMT are the most popular ones. Today I will introduce two different Rolex GMT-Master fake watches with automatic movement for you.

Rolex GMT-Master could display two time zones.
Practical Rolex GMT-Master Ref.16700 Knockoff Watches

The year of 1988 could be considered as an important milestone of Rolex in history since a series of new movement had been launched. Meanwhile, there were a series of new watches created to contain them. In 1981, the first generation perfect Rolex copy watch was released and it had been equipped with calibre 3075.

The two colored bezel is always very eye-catching.
Yellow And Orange Bezel Copy Rolex

The second one I will introduce is the timepiece launched in 1988. It was the black dial imitation watch which featured the blue and red bezel. It was very cheap. In 1999, the ref.16700 was officially discontinued and Rolex focused on the development of its GMT-Master II.