It may be a centuries-old technology, but a mechanical replica watch isn’t indestructible. An object capable of surviving the briny depths or the vacuum of space still has a few weak points that, at some time or another, you may unwittingly exploit. Well, just in case the situation ever arises, here we are to save your bacon with three things you must never do with your luxury fake watches us.

Never Skip Loctite When You Adjust Your Bracelet
If you’ve ever adjusted your bracelet of your perfect fake Rolex before—you know, unscrewed a link and made it longer or shorter—you will probably now be wondering what on Earth I think I’m doing introducing a never-never about adjusting a bracelet. It’s easy, right? Carefully, and with the proper-sized screwdriver, remove as many long, thin screws—by turning anticlockwise, of course—as needed to take out or add a link to your Swiss movement copy watches, and then reverse the process. A little fiddly because of the scale, for sure, but well within the realms of most people’s ability.

The solution? It’s simple really, and the same one manufacturers like Swiss fake Rolex use in the very construction of the watch: Loctite. This is a specially designed thread locking liquid that will ensure your screw only comes loose when you want it to. Now, make sure to use Loctite 221 or 222, the low strength formulas, or you might find your best quality fake Rolex’s bracelet that size forever. A little dot of Loctite on the thread, as per the instructions, and you’ll be good to go. Never be without it.

Never Try To Get The Crown Logo Straight
How often have you heard the complaint, “All that money and the crown on the logo doesn’t even line up!” You have to be a certain type of person to be bothered by the alignment of the crown motif and, more often than not, if you’re the kind of person who’s into best quality replica watches, you will probably be that guy too. Me—I am that guy.

So why can’t manufacturers get their crowns straight? Well, if they’re not screw down, it’s no problem, they can be aligned however which way. The difficulty comes with crowns of wholesale replica Rolex us that seal with a compression thread. The screw down seal itself is a technology first patented in the 1870s by a fellow of the name Aaron Dennison, a name we’ll see again in a moment.

An evolution of a screw down cap that went over the crown to seal it, the screw down crown combined both into one, cleverly taking advantage of the binding compression of a screw thread to seal against a gasket. But hold up! Didn’t top Swiss replica Rolex invent that with the 1926 Oyster? Not quite. AAA quality fake Rolex was the first to utilise this technology in the luxury copy wristwatch specifically, a design unpopular at the time. And who was 1:1 fake Rolex’s case supplier in the early days? Well, that would be Dennison, of course, with the idea later refined by case manufacturers Borgel and Perregaux and Perret.