New Rolex Cellini Series Leather Strap Watches For Sale

There are a lot of play watch friends asked me, what kind of rolex for collection.Is not, of course, answer not to come out, but the answer, the answer in a different environment, different time, different groups of people, will know any gaps or even say it’s wrong.

In fact, in my heart, there are two kinds of rolex is worthy of collection.One of, is yakeli the Rolex Replica Watches.Many people will ask, you this answer seems to be too simple.In fact, is a simple answer, so it took me a lot of time to think about: how to distinguish the rolex new tables and class?Rolex, acrylic surface is equal to the production s of rolex made a classification: about in the late eighty s, rolex on his glass batch replacement, in the ninety s, rolex has annual replacement for sapphire crystal glass.

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That is to say, the traditional Rolex Cellini Series Fake Watches using acrylic glass.And change the order of the sapphire glass in each series have different, generally from the advanced version of the transition to a lower version of.Here the space is limited, I not speak, another day dwell on the transition of the new technology.But overall, now looking for a good quality acrylic glass rolex, already is not a simple thing.

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Second, is the Cellini.I have been in the research projects in more than a decade ago Leather Strap Rolex Copy Watches, was the greater China region to cut those who know the most.Until then, almost no one has studied the history and evolution of the cut lini, model difference and some special version.