New Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Case White Dial Series Watches For Men In Shanghai Exhibition

Rolex Daytona exhibition will since November 3, the ifc gold mall a layer of the atrium of the Shanghai exhibition for the first time.

The exhibition features a special series of interactive, traces the universe type di of origins and evolutions of wrist watch.Type the universe Rolex Daytona watches for men named after the speed of Florida, for the car player and fan favorite clock in the world.Visitors will also enjoy the new 2016 Cosmograph Daytona watch of wrist of 904 l steel.This watch with black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring, combined with superior technology and excellent performance, and the inheritance of the unique aesthetics of these wrist watches, rolex is different.

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Roelx Cosmograph Daytona cheap fake watches were born in 1963, designed specifically for the car, soon, with its outstanding performance, reliable lay achievements for the racing world.The watch by the name of “Daytona”, has been among the classic watches, become famous in the world and popular timing wrist watch.Daytona is an evocative name, in its classic and rolex watches can generate links, before has created his own legend.The legendary by countless land speed record, turbo engine, sand car racing and daring feat achieved by car.

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Traditional racing in Daytona beach lasted until the end of the 1950 s, after specially built Daytona international track continue.The track, which opened in 1959, is one of the world’s first super circuit.Every year, the big three elliptical Angle hold motor racing track, as Mr Tong with 500 and rolex di with 24-hour endurance race as exciting, attracted worldwide attention.Turn the track 4 km, heeling up to 31 degrees, often breathtaking acceleration.The experienced driver all think the latter is one of the world’s hard car racing.Rolex stainless steel case Daytona replica watches 24 hours endurance 24 hours of le mans endurance race in the United States.