New Rolex High Quality Homemade Machinal Movement Factory In Bienne

The heart of Bienne is rolex.Until 2004, here is all belong to the company nearly Borel family completely independent companies.Some sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.Now, there is no where to more new Rolex replica watches colour than Bienne, explore the area will be the most unique feeling tabulation industry experience.

high quality Rolex watches copy
Rolex high quality factory.

Bienne factory covers an area of 92000 square meters, for the tabulation boundary, bearing and accommodate here is priceless.The building is every love watch people dream of visiting personally.

First say a bit, all Rolex fake watches for men movement made by brand independent research and development (Rolex “indigenous” may be “more independent than other brands).Second, each machine is assembled by hand, but also application specific machinery Rolex, help staff responsible for assembly assembly movement.

Bienne also equipped with unique Rolex fake watches for men efficient automated inventory management system, compared the Plan – Les – Ouates slightly simplified version.

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Rolex cheap fake watches for sale.

Bienne factory welcome outsiders rarely visited by, because already in this set up a real Rolex unique manufacturing system.Rolex construction machine, the production of unique parts used specially supplied.Brass, copper and stainless steel billet with exclusive machine, to finish cutting, spark erosion this kind of machine in Switzerland not to see other parts of the country.

Here, the substrate production efficiency can reach 100 pieces per minute.And some equipment, from one end of the input materials metal, on the other side can get a full grain movement parts.

Also in Bienne, Rolex waterproof replica watches exclusive parts, production of a variety of brands including Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers.A lot of people think that Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock Rolex is the core elements of competitive advantage.