New Rolex Replica GMT Series Stainless Steel Bezel Blue And Red Dial Watches For Men

In the 1950 s, the aviation industry to flourish, intercontinental travel has become increasingly popular, the pilot found that need to be instructed more convenient time zone watch, pan American, at the request of the company so to Rolex GMT Master series replica watches are the result.The first generation of Greenwich type GMT Master launched in 1954, models for 6542, in 1959, has been production prototype was originally equipped with bakelite bezel – it is easy to crack.Two years later, replaced by stronger aluminum bezel.

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GMT first generation from 6542 to start producing for a long time, until 1989, introduced the second generation of Greenwich GMT MasterII 16710.Replace its predecessor, 16760, 16710.Although the new GMTII movement with its predecessor is the same, but more lightweight design – friends frivolous design popular at the time dial.

Rolex GMT 16710 released, at the same time provides three different dials.Red and black combination (coke) dial, blue and red (Pepsi circle) and all black list dial circle.We can through the model number of the last character to identify type table.Letter “A” said coke.Letter “B” said Pepsi circle, and the letter “N” represents all black circle, proof as follows.

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Rolex movement can be said to be among the world’s best on movement.GMTII machine core is no exception.Rolex GMT movement is automatic chain movement replica watches, of course, on the basis of automatic winding machine slightly revised, add the function of GMT.In 16710 in the case, is loaded by COSC certification produced 3185 movement.