Pepsi, Hulk, and Disco Volante: Do You Know These Famous Luxury Rolex Replica Watches?

Every replica watch comes off the factory floor with an official name – or at least a reference number. But a nickname? Watches have to earn a nickname. First, the community of watch lovers has to care enough to bestow one, and then, that name has to be good enough to catch on. The best ones supersede whatever the company had in mind, much in the way that the sports world decided the young man born as Earvin Johnson would instead be known as “Magic.”

Nicknames are fun. Nicknames are cool. They’re also pragmatic. They make a perfect fake watch easier to remember. They capture the shape of the case, or the color of the bezel, or an important person who wore it. The “why” becomes less important over time. The nickname is what lasts.

  • Hulk

The only thing missing from the green dial replica Rolex “Hulk” Submariner is a pair of ripped purple shorts. It’s not the first nickname given to a Sub, but we think it’s the best. Other contenders include the “Kermit,” (so named for its green bezel and…well, that’s pretty much it), and the white-gold, blue-bezel “Smurf.” But in the end, neither of those packs as strong of a punch as the Hulk.

Unlike the Kermit, the statement-making Hulk is all green, with a sunray dial to boot. And this steel bracelet copy Rolex earns its nickname with more than just color. This green beast was released in 2010, into the then-new Rolex maxi-case – with a wider, more hulking profile and a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. Of all the Submariner nicknames, this one really earned its moniker. It’s the kind of watch you look at, hear the name, and go, “yeah, I get it.”