Precious US Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica Watches Bring Us The Charming Rainbow

Hello everyone! Today’s model is a perfect Rolex Daytona imitation watch with a dazzling rainbow bezel. In fact, it is not the brand’s first “Rainbow” Daytona since the white gold and yellow gold versions had already been posted in 2012. Due to the high level of craftsmanship and difficulty of collecting all these colored gemstones, the production of these amazing Daytona is low. So without any doubt, the price has raised too much.

It takes a long time to collect all the colorful gemstones in a hue of the rainbow.
Everose Gold Bracelet Rolex Daytona Imitation

All these colored sapphires paved on the bezel are with the same weight, size and quality. So it always takes a long time to collect all these gemstones. The movement that drives such a surprising Rolex fake watch with black dial is Cal.4130. It also can be worn when swimming but I think it is more suitable to be presented in the scene full of sunshine, beach and sea.

Due to the precious metal and shiny diamonds, this Rolex Daytona is with high price.
Fabulous Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Copy

In order to achieve the real visual effect of the rainbow, the diamonds paved on the bezel are fully cut by hands. The strict standard of Rolex also ensures the perfection of each stone. Although it is really brilliant, the knockoff watch with Everose gold case is not suitable for everyday use in my mind.