Rolex Day-Date Replica Watch Will Catch Yours Eyes With Its Shiny Diamonds

When diamonds come across with the white gold, what will happen? The new Rolex Day-Date fake watch with diamonds paved bezel will show you the extreme luxury and elegance. Referring to the diamonds and gemstones, many people will think that this timepiece is especially created for women. However it is also suitable for men for the overall design is pure and understated although there are so many diamonds.

The shiny diamonds and precious white gold make this Day-Date very precious.
White Gold And Diamonds Bracelet Copy Rolex

The theme of this Rolex copy watch with white gold case is the “rainbow”. Many loyal fans of Rolex will firstly think of the rainbow Daytona which is really a luxury model with a gem-stones paved bezel in a hue of the rainbow. Unlike that one, the appearance of this Day-Date is much more simple and low-key than that one for only the hour markers are designed with the hue of rainbow.

Although there are many diamonds paved on the watch, the overall design is still very pure.
36 MM Rolex Day-Date Imitation Watch

The watch brand offers three different versions including the rose gold, yellow gold and white gold version. The luxury knockoff watches all feature the 36mm case which is the most suitable and comfortable size for both men and women. Anyway, all of these three versions will be with high price.