Rolex Oyster Ref.3525 Chronograph Replica Watch Commemorate The Brave Heroes

Many antique fake watches of Rolex are full of historical meaning and humanistic value, which are favored by many watch collectors. Through an antique wristwatch, we will understand those days better. Recently many watch lovers and collectors have been surprised by the Ref.3525, which has been called “Prisoner Of War Watch” too. It was created during the Second World War. What stories did this timepiece experience during the war time?

The Rolex Oyster has experienced a lot during the Second World War when accompanying the wearer.
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During the Second World War, the Royal Air Force pilots were captured and sent to the prisoners of war camp, and their watches were all confiscated. On May 28, 1940, a British corporal named Clive Nadine was captured and detained in the third concentration camp and his Rolex was confiscated too. He had always been detained during World War II and started a shoemaker in prison.

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, heard that the prisoners’ watches were confiscated, and expressed their willingness to contribute their own strength to the war, providing watches to the officers of the prison camp. No fees were required until the end of the war. But at that time, the supply of watches to these British prisoners of war was actually a very risky thing. However, Rolex also has their own considerations, they also want to test their own watches in some special circumstances. Clive Nadine ordered the black dial copy Rolex Ref.3235 chronograph from Rolex on March 10 of 1943. He ordered this watch to prepare for his escape plan. Unfortunately, he failed. After the war, he was released from the jail and he paid the fees for the Rolex. He said that it performs well even in the extremely cold environment.

It performs well even in the extremely cold condition.
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He had kept this rare imitation watch well till he died as it was meaningful to him which accompanied him all the time during the war, meanwhile, presenting his fearless resistance to war.