Swiss Rolex Replica Watches For Sale Online US With Retro Style

Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the former ruler of Oman, was a well-known watch aficionado and often commissioned Swiss luxury replica watches with special dials that are extremely rare and sought-after today. The Khanjar Bo Sayfain – an insignia consisting of a sheathed khanjar superimposed upon two crossed swords, is the national symbol of Oman – and often appears on watches commissioned by the Omani government and is probably the most popular “Arab dial”.

A Rolex Day-Date Ref. 1807 replica with gold case with bark-finished central lugs on the bracelet has the signature of the sultan on the dial. It has a pre-sale estimate of $35,000-55,000. The khanjar symbol in green also appears on a 1976-made Rolex Ref. 4652 in white gold with a burgundy lacquer dial with a pre-sale estimate of $25,000-35,000.
Perhaps the most collectible of the lot is a white gold fake Rolex Day Date Ref. 1803 with an Oxblood lacquer “Stella” dial with the khanjar symbol and an estimate of $50,000-80,000. The burgundy lacquered dial has diamond indexes and the calendar indications are in in Arabic script, both for day and date.

A pink gold Patek Philippe Ref. 2481 from 1955 has an enamel dial with a portrait of King Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, former ruler of Saudi Arabia. The royal court ordered a limited number to commemorate King Saud’s accession to the throne in 1953. The monarch himself presented this particular timepiece to the consignee at the latter’s wedding; it has an estimate of $40,000-60,000.